A “collection”: a subjective and ideal ensemble of objects that reveal the profound traces of our character.

What is a fashion collection made of? It’s a multi-dimensional journey, facetted by experiences both immediate and distant. Shreds of discoveries, recollections transformed by memory, imaginative anticipation… Treasures brought back from unfamiliar lands or explorations into the intimacy of a wardrobe. A sentimental anthology of iconic images and ridiculous photos that still have primordial meaning.

Essential references and other, more singular ones that belong solely to the chapel of our personality.

That’s what a fashion collection is. It’s an inventory that embraces everything: a solemn past, a fertile present and the inevitably dreamlike future. A collection is a travel diary. It’s an open-ended journey into the world that reflects the daring paths of the spirit. It’s a sentimental adventure made of scattered inspirations and great aspirations. And it has only one means of locomotion: intuition.

The intuition of a garment and the way it’s orchestrated are the key to style. Understanding the excellence of a basic —the better to take it somewhere singularly imaginative— will always be the best path.

This collection is a proposition of style, an invitation on a journey about finding the momentum to transcend what we know so well in order to take it toward something we’d like to discover.

Highlights from the Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall 2015 Fashion Show from Artistic Director of Women’s Collections Nicolas Ghesquière. Watch the full show and see more from the show on.

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Musique du défilé :

1/ Andry Garbi – Desert of The Soul

2/ Grimes – Genesis

3/ Röyksopp – I Had This Thing
(Surkin Remix)’

Remixed by Leopold Ross and curated by Michel Gaubert

Make up: Pat Mc Grath

Hair: Paul Hanlon



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