« High sewing Spirit Day » Saturday, June 28 at the Chateau de Pommard

Yesterday I was fortunate to be invited to the « Haute Couture Spirit day » in Pommard in Burgundy.

I lived an incredible and delicious day!

After the MGMfollow constructor that he gives to his son David, Maurice Giraud, is 10 years the proud owner of the Château de Pommard.

Within the framework of its 10 th anniversary, that the area of the Chateau de Pommard, organized, by hand, on 28 and 29 June an event « 10 years, 10 events »under the sign of Haute couture.

The famous artist Swiss fashion photographer Peter Knappfollow honoured us with his presence.

I have has this opportunity, in more the tour field, Museum vine old tools, Gallery art appl ‘ Art, the garden à la française of the Castleof the discovery and the tasting of the wines of Château de Pommard, attend the vernissage of the Peter Knapp in the company of the artist and the parade of dresses of the fabric of the terroirs, with including the presentation of the « Château de Pommard » dress created exclusively for the event.

First wine tourism destination of Burgundy

Château de Pommard in figures

1726 living Micault, Secretary to King Louis XV, fermier Général and Director general of powders and saltpeter from the Kingdom, Scion of an illustrious family of Pommard, starts a Regency surrounded by wine buildings home building: the Château de Pommard.

20 hectares of contiguous, which are the domain of the Château de Pommard the largest private Burgundy monopoly.

200,000 vines

80,000 bottles produced

800 meters of caves in the courtyard of the Castle.

300,000 bottles in the cellars of the Château.

5 different terroirs.

1-piece nugget: Simone

1 exclusive winemaking way.

1 annual exhibition at the Appl Gallery ‘ Art, which this year hosts more than fifteen sculptures by catalan artist Salvador Dali, as well as works of the great masters of contemporary art (Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, etc …) .

1 museum of old tools of Vine and Wine

80,000 bottles produced.

10 events organized throughout the year 2014 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the resurrection of the Château de Pommard since its restoration in 2004.

30,000 visitors discover each year the Château de Pommard.


Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 July « music of yesterday and today ‘ hui » Slate, bronze, wood, glass… of amazing interactive sound sculptures and participatory invite to a poetic musical escape,, also driven by a series of music concerts the baroque Castle.

Friday 29th to Sunday August 31 « The alembic to the Castle » Terroir and tradition at the Castle (see 16-18 may).

September « unforgettable harvest » Moment of life intense at the Castle, to discover around the parcels or at the machon (on reservation) and put into perspective with the exhibition « Harvest of yesterday », pictures of Janine Niepce took in the middle of the 20th century.

Friday 26-Sunday 28 September « The great workshops of France » the masters of art expose, for the third year, their unique creations of the high french crafts in the field of decorative arts and the art of living.

From 24 to 26 October « Triads – the taste of excellence » « Food and wine », « Wine and chocolates »… Themes to discover at conferences, workshops and nine culinary shows provided by two chefs to have water in the mouth.

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 November « Festivities of the sale of wines ». On the occasion of the 154th sale of Hospices de Beaune any wine-producing Burgundy region is party to celebrate together the most famous auction of wines in the world. A joyful and generous fever which is combined with the Château de Pommard to offer to its visitors, among other wonders, unforgettable tastings.


Château de Pommard

Great Wines of Burgundy

Château de Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_1 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_14 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_13 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_12 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_11 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_5 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_4 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_3 Pommard_lamodecnous_la-mode-c-nous-lmcn_2

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