An enchanted parenthesis

Center Parcs is an original holiday concept that invites you away from the stress of the city to enjoy real « well-being » breaks. With family or friends, you can strengthen your relationships and create strong memories with, among other things, multiple recreational activities and leisure. Located in the most beautiful regions of Europe, Center Parcs are located in the heart of forest areas preserved from pollution: Cars stays at selected areas and bicycles are available. The cottages of « comfort » to « VIP » are all comfortable, spacious and are adapted to people with reduced mobility, all in an exceptional setting of greenery and lakes.

Center Parcs in France

Les Bois-Francs in Normandy

Norman old walled city, you will discover landscapes of countryside and groves. Verneuil is famous for its art and history.

Les Hauts de Bruyeres in Sologne

In addition to easy access the tourism potential of the region you pleasure to discover the rich natural region.

The Lake Ailette in Picardy

Domaine du Lac d’Ailette holds within it an immense lake of 140 hectares, bordered by a white sand beach and faces a beautiful 18 hole golf course. With this beautiful environment, on sunny days, you will have fun to participate in various water activities.

 Three Forests in Moselle-Lorraine

This domain with high natural identity welcomes you in a huge forest area.

My experience over there : (in french)

The environment

Preserving nature and heritage is central to the concept of Center Parcs who makes it a point of honor to help restore and enrich.

Before the construction of a domain, an impact assessment has selected in accordance with the provisions of environmental protection.

Energy is produced by natural gas and electricity and minimising emissions.

Center Parcs limits its water consumption thanks to a treatment plant that treats waste water in the areas of Bois-Francs and Hauts de Bruyères. In Sologne, this treatment is supplemented by a passage rush bed which provides power ponds.

The staff and residents contributes to selective sorting of waste.

Monitoring plans of the flora and fauna are managed by a dedicated team that oversees the daily maintenance of the natural heritage.

Risk management is at the heart of the concerns of Center Parcs.

Also note that in the field, the traffic is by bike or on foot thus reducing noise and air pollution.

More information about Center Parcs

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