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Modern Heroism – Sposa 2013 !

My collection started with a visit to a theatre to see Shakespeare Richards the II .I was struck by the beauty and simplicity of the clothes of the mediaeval period they suddenly  seem relevant the  striping back and bold detail .  It set my mind flying with ideas using my background in theatre,  design and  choreography .  Music also plays a great emotional part in my fashion shows.

I became fascinated by the heroism of Joan of Arc and the visual imagery from a 1920 silent film about her .She became my muse and follows on a trend of mine setting my bride in a world of conflict from a visual and design point of view .I always like to juxtapose the romantic with a edgy quality.

I see my muse as a heroic figure fighting for love and truth in a hard and uncompromising world.

Modern Heroism – Sposa 2013 !

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